The Lexus Hoverboard… The Inside Scoop


Remember the teaser…


That short video where the Lexus hoverboard is floating, then someone steps on and…


It fades to black?


That was the moment when we all said WHOA! Is this real? Did Lexus actually make a hoverboard that works and that will soon be sold in stores?


That teaser was a great marketing piece, but was the Lexus hoverboard using real technology? Was it something that could support a grown adult and move in all directions?


The video ultimately led to more questions.




We decided to answer some of them.


Alright… Is It Real And Can You Ride It?


Let’s cut to the chase. Is this board real and can you ride Lexus’ hoverboard like you can a skate board?


The short answer is yes…


The long answer is that you absolutely can, but you need to understand a little science and how it’s powered.


First, the basic propulsion method that moves the hoverboard is magnetism. Inside the board itself, Lexus has placed superconducting blocks. These blocks are inside an insulated core and cooled by liquid nitrogen to around -322 degrees fahrenheit. At this point, the hoverboard is set to hover, but it still needs magnets to repel it away from the ground.


What Lexus had to do next is create a magnetic track. The magnetic track works to not only levitate that board and rider, but also ensures the height at which the board hovers. Specially designed track must be in place or else the Lexus hoverboard, which is called ‘Slide’, can’t hover.




Does it actually work? Very much so! You’ll see in the link at the end there is video of the board with a rider.


Will you be able to buy a Lexus hoverboard? Not anytime soon. Nor would you want to unless you’re building a magnetic track to use the board on.


The Hoverboard Design Is Pretty Amazing!


So you just learned the basics of how the board works and the unfortunate fact that you won’t be buying one anytime soon. But let’s say that one day soon, Lexus creates a magnetic skate park and sells the boards.


Well guess what…


The Lexus hoverboard is beautifully crafted!


The design and shape are elegant and symmetrical. Upon first glance, the board looks luxurious, yet fully capable of high performance (a lot like Lexus vehicles). The housing of the superconductor blocks below the board give it a powerful feel. You get the idea that this hoverboard has an engine.


Finally, on top of the board itself is the Lexus logo. It sits there nice and bold, like a stamp of quality.


In terms of materials, Lexus made some unique choices. The one that stands out the most is the natural bamboo of the board itself. This where the rider stands and looks like premium grade, natural wood flooring. It’s also a unique contrast to the high-tech materials involved in housing the semiconductor blocks and liquid nitrogen. In a way, it’s a beautiful blend of the natural and the man-made.


Does The Lexus Hoverboard Have A Release Date?


Ahh yes… Great question!


As of right now, there’s no official release date for the Lexus hoverboard. As you read above, the ability of the board to function is dependent on a specific type of track. So even if it is officially released, that magnetic track better be close by.


Lexus Hoverboard Cost Details


Unfortunately, there are no Lexus hoverboards for sale. And no, we don’t even have a cost for it yet. But, if we consider what’s needed, there may be a cost for the board itself as well as the track. It’s almost like a kids toy that may require the track to be assembled.


So while we desperately want to ride one, we’re not getting our hopes up. We will certainly continue watching the videos, though.


There’s no harm in dreaming right?


We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more information on the Lexus hoverboard. When we have some, we’ll be sure to let you know!


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