Value Your Trade

Look Up Your Vehicle's Trade-In Value in Arlington Heights, IL

Are you driving around a vehicle you've owned for years that you'd like to trade in for a newer model? It might be difficult to decide if you have no idea how valuable it is, but at Lexus of Arlington, you don't have to settle for uncertainty. With our Value Your Trade tool, you can check the value of your car, truck or SUV before you visit our Illinois dealership to chat with one of our sales associates about trading it in.

Benefits of Trading in Your Current Model

  1. Going straight to Lexus of Arlington to trade in your current vehicle will save you a huge block of time instead of trying to sell it privately.
  2. Trading your vehicle into a dealership is a loyalty move that can, in turn, help you get a better value on the new vehicle you intend to buy from that dealership in return. 
  3. Vehicle trade-ins are financially-savvy maneuvers that can lower the down payment you make on a new vehicle and the interest charges you'll have in that process.
  4. You'll limit the amount of sales tax you pay on a new vehicle after trading in your current one by only having to pay sales tax on the difference between the value of your trade-in and the new vehicle you want to buy.

How to Use Our Trade-In Value Online Tool

Our trade-in value tool is very easy to use. All you do to figure out the value of your current vehicle is input its manufactured year, make, model, and trim into the search bar. Learning this value before visiting Lexus of Arlington is useful because you can base the price of your new vehicle off your trade-in value.

One of the filters integrated into our new Lexus inventory is a price toggle with minimum and maximum fields. After seeing your trade-in value, you can use this filter to search for Lexus models that fit your new-vehicle budget spectrum. We suggest using our trade-in tool before exploring our new Lexus lineup, that way you know, based on your trade-in value, how much you want to spend on a new Lexus NX. Look up your current model today!

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