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Five Reasons to Buy a Lexus

When you choose to buy a Lexus, you are going to be in luck. With plenty of models to choose from, Lexus is the type of car that isn't a letdown to anyone. Whether you want an SUV, coupe, hybrid or performance vehicle, there's a Lexus model that's perfect for your needs. Here are five top reasons to choose a Lexus as your next vehicle.

Fantastic Hybrid Options

The hybrid vehicles that Lexus offers give you a comfortable ride that is eco-friendly. Not only will you be driving down the road in style, but you will also…

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Choosing the Right Drivetrain for You

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When choosing a new vehicle, you will often have the option to choose between 4WD, AWD, and 2WD. The drivetrain is everything that makes the wheels move minus the engine. Depending on the kinds of roads and road conditions you will be driving on this will help determine which drivetrain is right for you. To explore about the benefits and differences between these three drivetrains continue reading!


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Everything You Need To Know About The Lexus Hoverboard

The Lexus Hoverboard… The Inside Scoop


Remember the teaser…


That short video where the Lexus hoverboard is floating, then someone steps on and…


It fades to black?


That was the moment when we all said WHOA! Is this real? Did Lexus actually make a hoverboard that works and that will soon be sold in stores?


That teaser was a great marketing piece, but was the Lexus hoverboard using real technology? Was it something that could…

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