From oil changes to tire rotation and brake repair - and beyond, drivers can look to the Lexus of Arlington service team for Fall service assistance! With the passing of summer, we find ourselves preparing for the cooler months ahead by donning jackets, pants, and (for those stylish folks) scarfs. Seeing as you're preparing for Fall, it's only proper that you prepare your vehicle for the tribulations presented by the cooler months. Enter: the Lexus of Arlington service team! Whether you're looking to swap out your summer tires for a set of all-season tires or you're just looking to for a team of technicians to take care of a general inspection, drivers can look to the Lexus of Arlington service team with confidence!

Brake Pad Replacement & Brake Repair

It's hard to understate the importance of your brakes and brake pads. Whether you've bee whiling away the summer months by cruising down highways or you've been taking on dirt roads and tight city streets, drivers may want to consider getting your brakes checked. There are numerous telltale signs that your vehicle might require brake service. Some of those telltale signs include screeching or grinding sounds (when you it the brakes) and squishy feeling brakes. If you hear a grinding of screeching sound, it likely means you need to change your brake pads.

General Inspection

Just want a professional to give your vehicle a once-over? Drivers can count on the Lexus of Arlington service team! We'll gladly give your vehicle a general inspection to ensure that it's in tip-top shape for Fall!

Schedule a Service Appointment at Lexus or Arlington!

Drivers can schedule a service appointment at Lexus of Arlington in a few ways! Driver scan utilize our online service center to schedule a service appointment; call our dealership; or stop by our dealership in person!

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