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?When choosing a new vehicle, you will often have the option to choose between 4WD, AWD, and 2WD. The drivetrain is everything that makes the wheels move minus the engine. Depending on the kinds of roads and road conditions you will be driving on this will help determine which drivetrain is right for you. To explore about the benefits and differences between these three drivetrains continue reading!

4WD & AWD(All-Wheel-Drive)

Although 4WD and AWD are different they both transfer power to your front and back wheels, which can be beneficial during muddy, snowy, rocking and other difficult driving conditions. You will typically see 4WD systems on larger vehicles that are designed with all-terrain abilities, such as trucks, SUVs, and off-road vehicles.

The main difference between 4WD and AWD is that four-wheel drive vehicles use two differentials and a transfer case while all-wheel-drive vehicles employ rear, front and center differentials. When 4WD is used the engine sends power to the transmission, which is then divided into the front and wheel axles. The torque gets transferred to the wheels, but the wheels must have traction on the road for the vehicle to go anywhere. Otherwise, the tires will spin as one would experience when you get stuck in sand or mud.

2WD vs. 4WD

The main benefits of 4WD are traction and power. If you are climbing a steep hill or are off-roading, you will want more power to get you over obstacles. 2WD will get you over steep hills but doesn't have the added power that comes with 4WD. If you frequently drive in conditions where there is low traction, or if you enjoy off-roading you will benefit more from 4WD.

For rain and light snow 2WD will most likely work just fine, and for most vehicles, front-wheel drive is standard, and RWD(rear-wheel drive) is preferred on performance cars. Although it is possible to drive in snowy conditions with 2WD it is important to consider how safe you will feel without the added confidence and capability you'll get with 4WD.

You can check out our New Inventory and check out what kind of cars come with AWD, 4WD, 2WD to see which one speaks to you and your driving needs.

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