Experience the Lexus Safety System+ in the 2019 Lexus NX

The brilliance of the 2019 Lexus NX exterior appeal is captivating from the moment you lay eyes on it. From its illuminating headlights to the bold front grille, it's an SUV that unknowingly grabs attention every time it finds itself roaming the streets of Illinois. To keep your 2019 NX exterior looking pristine, you need to keep it in an accident-free state. To accomplish that goal, you need dependable, top-notch safety features, which is where the exclusive Lexus Safety System+ enters the picture.

The Lexus Safety System+ is the most versatile system ever to grace an NX model and keep drivers and passengers the safest they can be on the road. This system is a standard feature on any 2019 NX trim you lease or buy and contains four key features.

  • A Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection monitors the vehicle's surroundings for potential vehicles or pedestrians that could be the cause of a collision. If detected, the NX will use Brake Assist to slow down the 2019 NX to prevent the collision.
  • The All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control takes normal cruise control up a notch by maintaining and adjusting your preset speed without having you tap the brakes every time you end up following a vehicle too closely.
  • Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist is a feature that keeps your vehicle in its appropriate driving lane by sending audio, visual and steering-wheel vibration alerts to the driver so you can correct the situation if you end up drifting outside your lane.
  • The final safety feature, Intelligent High Beams, promotes excellent visibility by successfully alternating between low and high beams on your 2019 Lexus NX based on the frequency of oncoming vehicles.

With the deluxe Lexus Safety System+ in place, your new 2019 Lexus NX will be one of the safest places you and your family can be. By monitoring traffic and driver patterns, you'll be thankful to have a second pair of eyes to keep you on an accident-free path and maintain a shiny look to your brand-new SUV. Experience this level of safety during a test drive at Lexus of Arlington today.

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